Bally’s new premium brands dominate G2E floor

Bally’s G2E stand is never a disappointment to visitors, brimming with new titles, cabinets, and so much more; it is an illustration of Bally’s rise to prominence as a comprehensive gaming solutions provider, not just a slot manufacturer. That said, the slots on show at G2E were arguably their strongest to date.

For the North American market, few licenses have the allure that NASCAR does. Bally have incorporated some of the greatest drivers of the moment into the slot experience, with Dale Earnhardt Jr, Clint Bowyer, Jeff Gordon and Kevin Harvick to drop a few names into the mix. Players can choose their favourite driver and the whole player display area changes according to their choice, with custom colours, a personalized welcome message, and branding  for each driver. It’s a relatively small touch, but for players, the details make all the difference. The NASCAR video slot is delivered on Bally’s stunning ALPHA 2 Pro Series V22/32 cabinet, which includes an extraordinary 32” vertical touchscreen display. It’s best experienced in the sublimely comfortable Pro Sound Chair, where the player can become immersed in the sounds of their favourite sport. The bonus games are electrifying, utilising Bally’s U-Spin technology, and the new U-Race play mechanic; the game’s designers have gone all-out to make this as inclusive an experience as possible for players.

Front and centre for Bally was the new Pawn Stars slot, which uses the real-life ‘characters’ from the worldwide hit HISTORY channel reality TV show of the same name: Rick, Corey, the Old Man, and Chumlee come to life. Players can choose to play as their favourite star from the show, with custom-made videos and fantastic bonus games where players can buy, sell and negotiate items for credits. Like NASCAR, it’s a really immersive experience, a great blend of interaction and traditional slot-style gaming. And it’s presented on the Pro Wheel cabinet, which is a guaranteed eye-catcher on the slot floor.

The NASCAR experience  doesn’t end with the video slot – Bally have also developed Virtual Racing NASCAR, a floor-wide community bonusing event that any player on a casino floor can enjoy. Using Bally’s Elite Bonusing Suite Virtual Racing app, players can select one of eight famous drivers on the iVIEW or iVIEW DM interface; the Virtual Racing promotional tool is a proven winner on U.S. casino floors, pushing coin-in, carded play, player’s club sign-ups, and generating a real buzz everywhere it’s reached so far, and combining it with the NASCAR license will prove an even bigger success. Players who picked the winning driver when the race ends win a casino-configurable prize, be it free play, merchandise, or other operator selected rewards.

Also on the floor, players delighted to Cash Wizard sequel Tiki Magic, on the ALPHA 2 Pro Series 22/32 cabinet; featuring Bally’s first 1080p high-resolution game, and the new U-Launch play mechanic. Combine this with the Pro Sound Chair and you have another gameplay-rich experience that will draw players in from across the floor.

While the Pro Series 22/32 has been shown to great effect with a host of new titles and technologies, one of the big ‘wow’ moments for visitors came when they saw the new Pro Series V22 with Digital Tower cabinet. It’s launching with the mega-successful Hot Shot Progressive, and features a huge 42” vertical touchscreen atop a 22” high definition LCD screen. With its dual wheels, it looks absolutely incredible, and its launch is being supported with a raft of high quality, proven top-performing titles.
Bally Technologies has proven one of the industry’s leaders in innovation be it in systems, online platforms, casino applications, and much more. At the heart of the company’s interactive division is the iGaming platform, which is essentially an online gaming portal offering casino operators the ability to augment land-based casino gaming with mobile, social, and online play-for-free or wager-based gaming. In short, it can be the golden egg of ultimate customer retention, providing operators a single view of their player. And because it uses open architecture, customers can choose from a multitude of providers to get the exact game mix they want – so both operator and player win.

If you weren’t at G2E and missed everything Bally Technologies has to offer, don’t worry too much – they’ll be at ICE in February too…