ARGENTINA – Mendoza casinos report USD10 million revenue in November

The new website of Mendoza regulators, Instituto Provincial de Juegos y Casinos (IPJyC), which has been set up to publish gaming reports in the province and is available to the general public, shows that during November 2016 the Regency Casino (Hyatt Hotel) leads the pack with $29.6 million (pesos), about USD1.9 million; followed by Casino Enjoy (Sheraton Hotel) with $26.7 million; and the Provincial Casino, with $19.6 million.

There are 5,100 slot machines operating in Mendoza province and it is in third place in the country, following Buenos Aires City with a little more than 6,000 slots; while there are some 22,000 slots operating in Buenos Aires province.


Josefina Canale, director of IPJyC Mendoza, said the private casinos gave consent to publish their data on the website, adding that: “in the short term it is expected that all tender documents and sanctions for gaming infringements by gaming operations, which was confidential information, will also be available to the general public“.


Up to now Mendoza casinos have contributed 121 million pesos, (USD6.6 million) to the Health sector out of the 200 million pesos budgeted for this year. The local authorities pointed out that non-compliance is due to the financial situation at the time the new administration took over and that for next year they estimate that the new budgeted sum of 235 million pesos, USD15.6 million, provided for the Health sector by legislation would be met.