APEX gaming reports clover link success at Viva! Casino in Sofia, Bulgaria

Cover Link Wall Edition is the new hit at this casino.

The success of Clover Link from APEX gaming continues to break new boundaries in player popularity and this success continues to rise. Viva! Casino Sofia is the latest casino to install Clover Link. Casino management has chosen the Wall Edition in the knowledge that this can easily be expanded upon as player popularity rises.

Viva! Casino Sofia is located in the Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan in the heart of the city centre. Viva! Casino Sofia has recently been renovated and offers both live gaming and slots. The highlight of the renovation has been the introduction of the Clover Link games.

“We can truly see the difference that Clover Link makes in our casino. Clover Link is a game that captures the hearts of our customers. We can see how much they enjoy playing this game”, commented Mr. Emin Rizvan, Slot Manager at Viva! Casino Sofia. Mr. Alper Hergul, General Manager at Viva! Casino Sofia added “We are delighted with the reaction of our customers to Clover Link. I know that the APEX gaming motto is to take gaming to the next level. This is certainly the case here”.  

Georgi Lungolov, International Sales Manager, at APEX gaming is rightly proud of such excellent feedback and noted, “Viva! Casino Sofia is a very well known and respected casino in Bulgaria. The casino management is extremely innovative and open to introduce new exciting solutions. We are proud that Clover Link is seen this way”.  

Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director at APEX gaming added, “We’d like to send our special thanks to Alper and Emin for their positivity and determination in bringing Clover Link to their customers. The feedback we have received is excellent”.