All-In Diversity to publish ground-breaking research at ICE London

The All-In Diversity Project, the recognised global resource for gender, diversity and inclusion for the betting and gaming sector, will be using ICE London 2019 (5-7, February, ExCeL London, UK) to publish the results of its All-Index, a ground-breaking body of research which represents the first initiative to benchmark levels of diversity across the global industry.  The All-Index will signal the start of a busy 2019 for the organisation, which will see the launch of an industry-wide apprenticeship program for sports traders, the launch of a corporate membership program and the delivery of a number of case studies and white papers with the first exploring the topic of how diverse workforces impact issues including social responsibility and customer care.

Clarion Gaming is the latest high profile gaming brand to support the aims of The All-In Diversity Project.  “We are constantly growing our list of businesses who support us” stated The All-In Diversity Project, co-founder, Kelly Kehn.  “As well as the good people at Paddy Power Betfair, our Founding Members in the US, such as IGT and Scientific Games, are keen to push the agenda, whilst Caesars is on target with their 50:50 by 20/20 ambitions.  In Europe, we’ve got the likes of Kindred and GiG championing gender and LGBTQ parity and challenger brands like Addison Global committing to equality of opportunity from the outset.”

“ICE London is probably one of the best platforms for bringing to light the issues and benefits surrounding diversity and inclusion.  It’s international and hosts the largest attendance of any show out there in gaming.  Platforms such as ICE can make this topic a commercial and social imperative, reaching businesses around the world of all sizes.  We are about educating, engaging and informing.  Above all, we are about using facts and figures to show how diversity and inclusion in the workplace is intrinsically linked to commercial performance.”

All-In Diversity Project believe there is a strategic requirement to change if organisations across the gaming spectrum are to be able to recruit, retain and promote the best and brightest talent.  “There is an imperative, as the next generation of workforce demands it.  If we want them on our teams – and we do – we must make the cultural shift to the environment they need” stated Kelly Kehn. “By 2020, career choices will be driven by how socially and ethically responsible an industry or employer is – with many happy to take a pay-cut of anywhere between 35-50% to work for the ‘right’ kind of employer and they will expect their workplace to reflect their values and look and feel like the environment in which they have grown up.  For this generation, diversity, equality and inclusion will be an expectation, not an aspiration.  For a sector driven by innovation and customer engagement, a sudden inability to attract these individuals – the next generation of talent capable of developing the next generation of ‘genius’ products for the next generation of customers – would be disastrous.”

The All-In Diversity Project has welcomed the Code of Conduct introduced by Clarion Gaming earlier this year, which confirms the standards that organisations and individuals are required to uphold in respect of gender representation and dress codes for stand staff.  The code, which applies across the entire Clarion Gaming portfolio of events, including ICE London, the world’s biggest gaming exhibition, has been described by the organisation as a ‘reflection of the cultural change that is happening slowly and silently throughout our industry and one of the many steps towards progress that are needed.’

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