Alfastreet celebrates 20 years in gaming

ALFASTREET celebrates its 20th anniversary

Alfastreet began celebrating the 20th anniversary of its foundation at ICE in February. They tok the opportunity to share with guests the company’s achievements gained in its rich 20-year history. 
Throughout 2014 the company will dedicate various events to show its development, and the quest to become the world renowned leader in the production of high-profile multi-player electronic gaming instruments. Alfastreet says there will be lots of surprises for the clients, employees and friends not just on the upcoming exhibitions, but also on other marketing and commercial occasions. The joint celebration and recognition of everyone involved is the leading motive and a challenge, that calls for something special.   
The company has acquired trendsetter status in production of highly professional gaming instruments and it’s a reputation that they want to maintain. At ICE 2014 in London, all of their existing products and revolutionary new surprises were shown, satisfying great expectations for the products that will make the difference in the gaming industry of the future. 
Alfastreet’s magic at the ICE exhibition was experienced in a very special setting, which provided a suitable scene for a brand new single terminal concept with never before seen touchscreen dimensions, combined with a revolutionary ergonomic setup and infinite adaptability. The machine is packed with the latest technology and made from the best materials, but still retains the user-friendly layout all Alfastreet’s products are famous and appreciated for.
These are just some highlights that the visitors will have the privilege to see on Alfastreet stands all over the world, throughout 2014.
Gaming is of course the main part of the show, but some very entertaining performances and many other fabulous moments will be included. All the visitors are welcomed to see how the collective effort of Alfastreet employees makes a difference in this business, bringing devotion and passion. And it has been the same way since the very beginning.
Alfastreet welcomes you to join us exploring surprises at their booths during all international and local fairs where they’ll exhibit over 2014. 

Alfastreet’s 2013 retrospective

“At Alfastreet we like to consider our efforts in the production of gaming equipment progressive at all times, as we strive to maintain leadership on the world markets. However, the turn of the year is a somewhat logical point to evaluate the year past and set goals for the upcoming one.

“It has been a very busy, successful year and it gives us great satisfaction to look back and see that the relations with our existing clients are stronger than ever and we have welcomed many new ones. We are grateful to all of them for giving us the chance to adapt the products to the specifics of each market, therefore making the Alfastreet range the most popular among the players in the majority of the world markets. 

“Our single terminals have been refined in design and function to keep it the most versatile and adaptable unit with extreme capabilities, packed in really compact dimensions. Our evergreen 8-station roulette R8 is still the synonym for this type of machine and reference in its class. The latest edition incorporates all the experience gained in 20 years and combines it with the newest technologies available. The all new WOF/”Big Six” wheel towers above our product line-up with the impressive stance and has achieved huge praise from clients worldwide, resulting in many installations. We are proud of our production, it is indeed a privilege to get the chance to express ourselves through our gaming machines.

“The markets have welcomed the constant evolution and innovation and rewarded our efforts with new installations in North and South America, Asia is continuing on a very steady pace and we are pleased to see the European markets experiencing a renewed boost. Overall we are positive that the industry is growing stronger and will continue so in the years to follow.

“We are filled with excitement about 2014. We are confident the year will mark a new step in Alfastreet’s never-ending pursuit for the ultimate gaming instrument. The new concept of a single terminal, the long-anticipated mechanical Derby and many other surprises will become the standards in their class, giving players a previously unseen gaming experience. The orders are coming in and we plan to extend our presence in all world markets, fitting Alfastreet machines in spectacular installations on countless gaming floors.

“Alfastreet believes in continuous progress and evolution in all areas. The company is growing stronger thanks to all the employees, our partners and clients that we consider to be our friends and family. We feel it is a privilege to continue doing what we love and believe in for years to come, with dedication and the awareness, cherishing the success and maintaining the trendsetter role we achieved through years of hard work.”

Alfastreet cements its position in Latino America

“The gaming industry in Latin America has benefited from a steady growth over recent years, reaching peak in 2013. The markets are evolving extremely fast and they have formed one of the most promising regions in the world. Alfastreet’s success recently has been unprecedented, confirming the anticipated trends and developments. 2013 was definitively a very good year, which rewarded all our efforts.
“Our long time presence enables us to nurture the essential connections we have gained since our early days. The extensive market knowledge we have acquired made us perfectly adaptable to the player’s customs, wishes and needs, enabling us to perform a record number of installations so far. Alfastreet is the synonym for quality and ergonomics in the gaming industry, providing the best and most comfortable seating position, which is combined with the most user-friendly interface, embedded with the latest technology. We like to give any player the best gaming experience, our machines nurture the passion and eliminate the stress. The concept has been embraced by players in Lain America, who immediately recognise Alfastreet’s top quality and flawless engineering that made it a reference point for electronic gaming instruments, ultimately generating great satisfaction among our customers, resulting in numerous orders we are receiving from Latin American casinos. 
“Alfastreet brand-name has been fortified by these developments and it is getting established as the No. 1 producer of electronic gaming instruments in the Latin America. We get great satisfaction in seeing our clients confirming the guidelines of our projects. The satisfaction of the customers is the greatest validation of the efforts made and it is a combined result of all the company’s departments working as one to achieve the excellence that Alfastreet strives for. We are proud to confirm the start of an excellent collaboration with two new distributors last year, who are very eager to contribute their part to ennoble the success of Alfastreet even further.
“The plans and expectation for 2014 are naturally even bigger and we are very excited for all the ongoing development in the Latin American gaming business. New casinos and gaming projects are opening on a regular basis and we are embracing the developments that the 2014 will bring us. We are confident that we will exceed last year’s excellent results.”