Adopting Standards – Webinar


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The Gaming Standards Association President Peter DeRaedt joins Casino International’s Jon Bruford to discuss the organisation’s success within land-based gaming and how their approach can also assist the online sector.

Standardised protocols now mean operators have greater choice and products are sold according to customer need, rather than buyers restricted by proprietary technology. Online gaming can benefit from a similar approach, says Peter DeRaedt – listen to the GSA’s intentions and be part of a very exciting, profitable future.

In the first of a series of free Casino International editorial webinars, Peter discusses:

  • How companies can get on board with the GSA’s plans to improve customer service in the future
  • How the GSA’s success in land-based gaming can translate to the online sector
  • Why standardised protocols are vital for growth and future development
  • How standardisation can affect both land-based and online casinos as they gradually merge, with customer retention in mind



Peter DeRaedt, GSA President

peter_deraedtPeter W. DeRaedt has been a tireless champion of the global gaming standards movement since it first began in 1998. He served as GSA’s first Chairman of the Board of Directors from May 1998 until October 2002, when he resigned his board position to become the organization’s President, a position he has held ever since.

Under his leadership at GSA, the organization and the industry have made enormous strides in standards conception, development and implementation. GSA’s award-winning standards have been adopted by operators, regulators and suppliers globally, and the organization’s newest initiative, the Online Gaming Committee, has gained global recognition and is moving the standards process forward in this critical area. Peter actively continues to promote the participation of all stakeholders. He is encouraging global collaboration between the industry and policy domain to solve our unique business challenges and create value for all involved.

Mr. DeRaedt began his career in the gaming industry in 1986 for TCS as Systems Manager / General Manager, running the Systems division for TCS (UK) from Belgium. He joined Aristocrat at its corporate offices in Sydney in 1997. As Aristocrat’s Vice President of Technology, he was responsible for establishing the new R&D center in Tucson Arizona. In 2001, he became Corporate Vice President of Product Development and IP for the MIS Group of Monaco, and now holds the position of GSA President.

Mr. DeRaedt earned a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Antwerp, Belgium, cum laude, as well as a Business Management diploma from South Africa. In addition to his involvement in GSA and the gaming industry at large, he is active on the UNLV School of Informatics Advisory Board and on the Editorial Advisory Board of CEM Magazine.



Jon Bruford, Editor – Casino International

Jon Bruford has been Managing Editor of Casino International for more than ten years, with more than 20 years of publishing experience across many sectors.