Acuris Risk Intelligence launches enhanced due diligence database for the gaming sector

New service means gambling companies can cut customer onboarding time while managing risk and compliance

By compiling its extensive 10-year collection of EDD reports into a fully searchable database, Acuris Risk Intelligence has created a powerful new resource for the gambling industry.

The Gambling Risk Intelligence Database includes valuable due diligence reports on both individuals and companies, including source of wealth, ultimate beneficial owners, business interests, potential red flags and a wealth overview. Report subjects are also able to be screened daily within the system for standard AML flags such as PEP and sanction changes.

Reports matching the user’s search criteria can be instantly downloaded, reducing the time needed to onboard new customers while still offering a high level of due diligence. Where information is not on the database, customers can order new reports for delivery in days. Available reports include:

•                 • Player Wealth Pre-Assessment

•                 • Player Xpress Wealth Assessment

•                 • Player Enhanced Wealth Assessment

•                 • Individual Gaming Executive B2B

•                 • Business Gaming EDD B2B

Gambling Risk Intelligence Database reports are compiled by a team of more than 100 researchers drawing on 35,000 sources and operating in over 47 languages.

Reports are available on an annual subscription basis with pricing depended on the type of report and recency of information.

For more information contact us: or +44 (0) 203 742 1300.