Abbiati: Good luck, Billionaire!

After a ban of 11 years, gambling in Ukraine became legal again July 14th last year, with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signing the Ukrainian law with the guideline including regulations and restrictions.

Billionaire Casino, located in the five-star hotel InterContinental in Kyiv, was one of the first casinos to receive the license. In 10 months, they have refreshed all the gaming rooms and – Abbiati Casino Equipment have declared the company is proud to be part of this project, with their tables.

The elegance of Abbiati’s Italian style and quality embraces the classic and unique location of the Casino; the 14 tables and roulette wheels, divided between cards and roulette tables, are all in Red Mahogany wood that enhances the prestigious interior: they match perfectly with a location that combines business and history.

Abbiati Casino Equipment believes that the quality of its products along with the personal approach it takes towards its customers are two of the main reasons behind its success. Mr Giorgio Abbiati said: “The quality of our products is the most important aspect of what we do and this is what separates us from our competitors.

“We manufacture our handcrafted products at our facility in Italy, paying a lot of attention in choosing the highest quality raw materials: the Billionaire casino knows very well how we work and they
couldn’t choose anyone else for their casino located in such an elegant building,” Mr. Abbiati concluded.

With numerous companies in the industry falling victim to the recent global pandemic crisis, the new Ukrainian casino opening is something to celebrate for everyone.