We are finishing this report in the week of Christmas Eve and instead of celebrating in Portuguese, by counting on gaming legislation approved for the great nation of Brazil, we are revising our Japanese vocabulary. And we can say that we feel ureshii for this country, which approved legislation for integrated resorts with casinos in mid-November.

On the matter of Brazil, though, senators at the plenary on the same day, 15 November, decided to let another Commission decide on the constitutional and judiciary merits of the Senators’ bill, as reported below. We’ll see whether 2017 sees a gaming law for this country, Nonetheless, in a controversial move that has everyone talking, news came that the Court of Justice of Rio Grande do Sul state has legalized gaming because there does not exist a Court ruling against games of chance, and therefore implicitly these games are legal in this State.

The question now is whether the Supreme Court will adjudge if the constitutional law of 1946, that decreed the exploitation of gambling as a criminal offence, is enforced as this was the case made by the appeal against that law in Rio Grande do Sul state. As a respected Brazilian Gaming expert said: “in our country anything can happen”.

On another item we can give you an exclusive advance about a new Roulette game that, we are told, could revolutionize this legendary game. The question we ask ourselves is whether this will be a roulette without zero. Hopefully we can see it in 2017, at ICE, which is just around the corner and bearing down on us faster than we can say 32-Red!

For now, though, we would like to offer you all special warm greetings this Christmas and a wonderful 2017. Happy holidays to you all!