Fast Action Baccarat at The Venetian Macao is quite simply… FABulous

In December 2012, The Venetian Macao launched an innovative new baccarat table – Fast Action Baccarat (FAB) – and with that launch effectively changed the face of baccarat forever. Once known as a game of high rollers cloistered in VIP rooms, before becoming the mass market favourite that it has now become, The Venetian Macao has taken it a step further; not only is the game fast and efficient, but the new FAB tables on The Venetian Macao’s gaming floor can accommodate up to 60 standing players.
“Sands China Ltd. is continuously looking for ways to innovate the gaming experience for our customers and FAB offers an exciting twist on the much-loved baccarat game,” commented Sands China Ltd. Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer David Sisk. “Its rapid pace, lower minimum game limit and space to accommodate up to 60 players per table are what really set it apart from traditional baccarat games – it’s unlike any other baccarat gameplay in Macao.”
The new fast-action version of the baccarat game is an innovative development from Sands China Ltd. and its Macao launch provides a brand new way to play the popular game. Special features of the large FAB table, unique to Sands China Ltd., include one dedicated central card dealing station, with a live video feed displayed on several monitors; and chip trays situated on glide rails that allow the floats to move with the dealers. The result is a high-energy, rapid-fire baccarat experience able to accommodate large groups of players at one game.

“It is a priority for us to explore avenues to bring different experiences to our customers and ensure that we diversify our gaming offer within the market; FAB is one big way we’re doing that,” Mr. Sisk added.  

So let’s say you decide you too would like to try your hand at the new FAB. You stroll onto the gaming floor and take your position at the large oval table. You watch the automated mechanics: a series of trap doors at each betting position immediately drop losing chips onto an under-the-layout conveyer belt moving to a central chipper champ. Before you have time to think, ‘That was quick,’ the chip dealers have paid the winners and moved on. Transparent past-post screens pop out at each betting position when ‘no more bets’ is called. Winning positions are lit from beneath, cards are larger for ease of viewing, and in case you missed a quick move, monitors ensure 360 degree viewing. ‘I think I’ll play squeeze baccarat,’ you say to yourself. ‘Or then again, maybe I won’t.’

Because at Fast Action Baccarat at The Venetian Macao, you’ve got a choice.